Consell Insular


We love working on sports-related products and if it is with children and young people, it’s even more fun.

For years, we worked and collaborated with the sports department of the Mallorca’s Consell Insular. We cover events of young athletes such as the “Curses of Muntanya de la Serra de Tramuntana”. We also cover the “Esportives Familiars” days, the Consell’s activities aimed at families and many other actions carried out during the year.


Our goal is to offer our client several quality audiovisual products to be aired on television programs or on the internet through their official website ( and their social networks.

Currently, any company or institution must show its activities. The best way to transmit and spread them is through video. This project is a clear example of the importance of knowing how to spread a message through quality products. We are committed to making these products.

Our services

We offer the digital / audiovisual version of the “Catàleg de Serveis”. This project is very interesting: we summarize in short videos the different programs and activities this institution carries out during the year. A great synthesizing work must be done. We create the appropriate graphic and corporate line for each season.

These are some of the main tasks that we carry out during the year. All of them are very dynamic and entertaining both to record and to produce later. Much of these products are completed with graphics and animations created with motion graphics. This technology allows the clients to present themselves in a modern and avant-garde manner.

Each year, this institution holds the “Esport Gala”. It is a highly renowned event with more than 15 years of history. The main political authorities and the best Majorcan young athletes attend. Our job is to provide live coverage of the event. In addition, we produce all the previous videos projected during the event and the final program of the event for television.

To carry out this process, we hold many prior meetings with the political team and technicians responsible for each department. It is in those moments where our activity takes more value. There, we meet many people committed to their work. We ended up being part of their family thanks to our flexibility and good relationship. That is why, in each professional project, we try to make new friends with whom to share knowledge and experiences.