360 Videos


We are hooked on the technological advances of the audiovisual industry. New techniques to capture an image or to treat it are constantly discovered. In 2016, several models of 360-degree cameras were implanted. Videography and photography took a new dimension. At RLM, we acquired one of them. The possibilities are limitless, as well as everyone’s imagination. In the case of photography, we use it to bring novelty and variety to the products we deliver to our clients. We also use it to get a better visibility in Google and to carry out Virtual Tours. In the case of videos, we record footage onboard in car races. We can also record panoramic landscapes where the user can “play and navigate” within the 360 ​​shot. On a technical level, it has some peculiarities that must be worked on so that the edition and the exportation work correctly. Our technicians investigated protocols to allow the final result to be completely professional.