Arxiu kellys: a social and multidisciplinary project


Our team at RLM is highly motivated when working on social projects such as the promotion for of the exhibition of the Arxiu Kellys multi-disciplinary project by the artist Laura Marte.

For this project, we worked on a creative way to materialize the artist’s ideas. In addition, we had to meet very short deadlines and adapt to the economic possibilities of the project.

We share the promotional video of this project in order to support the group of cleaning workers, to recognize their work and their rights. Now more than ever, we all have to support the most unprotected sectors.

Our job when producing the video was to summarize and transmit all the concepts the artist wanted to capture. We worked on composition with the different photos taken by the workers, the conceptual words, the music and a montage capable of transmitting these vindictive ideas. We also created the video so that it could have various utilities, one of which was promoting the association on the internet and another was screening the video during the project’s presentation and exhibition.

For us, a video is the best way to transmit a message and reach the maximum number of people. When this message can change lives and professions, we do everything we can to contribute and help with what we do best: producing videos.