RLM Audiovisual. Since 2005, we are commited to the production of film and video. We provided services for the main television channels LaSexta, Antena 3, Tele5 and Cuatro, Sky Italia, among others.

Dedication, passion and effort are the attitudes our team adopts to face every project. A good academic and professional training are essential in order to offer a good service. We always use the latest technological tools of the audiovisual industry and apply the most innovative, effective and viable strategies of the market to our projects.

RLM Audiovisual SPORT is the branch handling everything that has to do with sports. The passion and commitment we have with sports together with our professional services are the reasons we’re responsible for the audiovisual coverage and distribution of sporting events on international, national and regional levels. Broad experience in the coverage and broadcasting for television.

We produce TV shows such as Da-li Gas, InfoTrot Balears and Cracks pel món. Thanks to our commitment and professionalism, we succesfully give visibility to less-known sports.

Coverage and distribution of: the Spanish Automobile Championship, CER. International races with classic cars, Rally Costa Brava, Classic Rally Isla de Mallorca, GSeries organized by the Andorra Automobile Club, ciclo-tourist events such as Mallorca 312. Regional meetings and championships – Pujada Puig Major.

Our products are broadcasted on television channels such as RTVE, Teledeporte, Canal + Deportes, Sportmania, Marca TV, Garage TV and Movistar +, among others.

We also create sports dossiers to get sponsorship for drivers, teams, events and organizers. We provide consultancy and global communication services for our clients in order to help them have a greatest impact and diffusion. And yes, we have a soft spot for all motorsports.

The other great drive that keeps us motivated is giving companies the best audiovisual services. RLM SERVICES is the second integral branch of the RLM Group. We give video marketing services to big companies. We cover your events and succeed in helping your actions reach as many people as possible. Always with rigor and professionalism, adapting to the needs and economic reality of each client. We use the latest communication trends and make our products with the most recent technology. Videos with the maximal resolution the market offers. 360° Videos. Google Virtual Tour. Aerial photography and videos. Drone.

Nowadays, video is the best tool to communicate and sell. Being in the hands of professionals is the smartest stance in order to reach your company’s goals. In addition to professionalism, we also look for friendship. In the end, the best thing we’ll get after work is having new and good friends.

 Culture is important to us. That is why we make documentaries for television such as Helmut Kalenborn, Els Cossiers d’Alaró and Cabrit I Bassa. The main goal is to spread information on the traditions and social aspects of our beloved land.

When we were younger and danced to electronic rhythms, we organized musical events, such as the Summerland Festival. During 10 years, the visual arts merged with the sessions of the most renowned national DJs. Pioneers in DJ video sessions, screenings and mapping 2D and 3D.

What thrills us and motivates us changes and evolves through the years. What hasn’t changed is our goal: to offer the best service at the best price.

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