GSeries 2019


The ice and snow racing championship held at the Andorra Pas de la Casa Circuit is a spectacular competition. Racing cars draw endless skids to the icy track.

This championship is made up of five races and takes place during the winter months. Riders such as Dani Sordo, Nani Roma, Cyril Despres, Miguel Molina, Dani Clos and also Moto Gp riders such as Márquez, Alex Crivillé, Loris Capirosi, Alex Rins…

For RLM Audiovisual, covering this championship is very motivating and a nice challenge due to the adverse weather conditions that must be endured on the circuit. It’s located over 2,400 meters above sea level. Snow, wind and temperatures below 10 below zero are what we have to endure during filming.

Our team has worked hard and became completely acclimated to these adversities. The results are exceptional, according to our client. 

The main tasks that we must carry out are the live performance of the Finals held during the weekend. For this, we prepare five cameras connected by radio frequency signal and through fiber installed in the circuit. Once the competition is over, we produce a 27-minute program ready to broadcast on any television in the world. We proceed to deliver a master file in Spanish, in English and another without voice-over so that the television that receives it can add a voice-over in any language. These programs are distributed to more than 100 countries, therefore the diffusion is global.

The programs are made up of several sections with interviews and a graphic line of the championship has been created to illustrate part of these sections.

To carry out this project we have over than 10 people working, including camera operators, video editors, producers, a journalist, translators, announcers, etc.

Herebelow, you’ll find the programs in English:

To follow the championship: