Documentary “Helmut Kalenborn”


Storytelling is our great passion. When stories are linked to the motorsports world, we feel great motivation. We’ve known Helmut for a long time, a driver with a legendary story. Born in Germany, this driver decided to come to move to Mallorca in the 1970s and since then he’s become more Majorcan than some of us. He also became of the best drivers in the history of the Balearic Islands thanks to his 9 Mountain titles and his 34 absolute victories in this category. He is Helmut Kalenborn, the protagonist of our documentary: Helmut Kalenborn: The Kaiser of the Heights.

The documentary is the product of more than two years of work, with interviews with Helmut, his family and friends, but also with great figures in motor sport such as Juan Fernández, Pedro de la Rosa, Jorge Lorenzo, Joan Mir and Andrés Vilariño… We decided to tell Helmut’s life with interviews, archive footage and contemporary shots of our island and Germany. The final result is a very balanced, dynamic audiovisual piece with different sources of interest so that the viewer is entertained and knows more about the character and motorsport in general.

Before broadcasting the documentary on national and German television with its own version in the above language, we decided to make a presentation event. It was a success!

Antes de emitir el documental en las televisiones nacionales y alemanas con su propia versión en susodicho idioma, decidimos hacer un acto de presentación el cual fue un éxito.

An integral part of the project was being able to share it. Hundreds of people attended the presentation of the documentary at the Trui Theater. It was an incredible moment for everyone.

Motorsport fans and followers of Helmut: we all got excited, especially the protagonist, when we saw his life on the big screen. As producers, we received the highest award: the warm and heartfelt applause at the end of the screening.

The German version will soon be remastered and will be broadcast on the main channels in that country. Also, the Spanish version will be broadcast on the large chains of our country. As a novelty, the documentary was broadcast exclusively on Fibwi TV and on its app, available for 24 hours, so that the thousands of fans who could not attend the presentation live would see the work.

From these lines, we want to thank everyone for the comments and expressions of affection received these weeks for carrying out this work.