IME Products


In 2019, we took on a very exciting project. The IME “Municipal Institute of Esport de Palma de Mallorca” needed a series of audiovisual products to promote municipal sports schools for the citizens of Palma.

In this project, we had to transmit with passion and commitment what the each school consists in. We had the possibility to create various related products to spread on different channels, both on social networks and in the media. All of this with a tight budget. However, it was made possible thanks to our simplification of expenses and effort in obtaining products of the highest level for very low costs.

As always, the relations between the technicians and communication managers was very positive. This allowed us to get the best out of all of us in benefit of the project. During the filming, our camera operators also had a great time thanks to the good vibes among the coaches who teach sports and their students. Once again, after hours of effort and dedication, the best reward, in addition to delivering an exceptional product to our client, was the humanity we saw during the project.