Is your job rewarding?


Usually, people with a job they like are considered lucky because they dedicate most of their time to something they enjoy. In our case, we also feel lucky because our professional activity is completely linked to our studies and academic training, the audiovisual world. Many of the projects we carry out for our clients are related to the world of motorsport (a sport that we love and in which we are closely linked; we even practice). Almost every day, we do something we like at work and something that entertains us, since we work in video production. You realize what is really rewarding in life when you work side by side with people who are teaching and motivating you more than any video software, camera or motorsport footage. This happened to us while recording and editing a video for our client Nissan Nigorra Baleares. The Down i Més association, based in the Balearic Islands, was the star of this project. They were great professional and were helpful in all of our filming directions. We also had fun while filming, sharing a few jokes. Thank you for these moments! Our work ENRICHED us, with capital letters. Here are the link of the video and the link of the making-of.