How to improve sales of a business?


A few months ago, Grup Direct approached us with a question: help them gain customers through their website. This Majorcan real estate company was already a reference in its sector but it needed to reach new clients with a different and updated corporate image and proposal towards the client. The challenge and difficulty of this exercise was to transmit the quality of its services to potential customers through new sales tools such as social networks, the website and other services that we have available online today.

The first steps we are taking are to redesign your website to make it versatile and achieve the objective of “customer approach”. We are in the construction process and the final result has not yet been released, but the whole process is being very constructive for us and for the client, since every day we can transmit new advice regarding digital marketing. On the website, we’ve improved the interface so that it is more intuitive for its users. We’re adding elements that allow us to bring together clients and agents of the real estate agency, such as, for example, an appointment calendar, better presentation of the homes, among others.

n addition, thanks to a good video marketing campaign in the coming months, we will be able to improve the SEO of this website and everything that surrounds it, social networks, Google Business, Adwords … This way we can improve its positioning in Google. Our team produces corporate videos, 360-degree photos and videos and all kinds of creatives with motion graphics so that our client has quality tools to feed their social networks and the website itself. In this way we manage to show all the quality of their services and thus their clients see the real value of the company.

In the coming months, we will continue to provide our services to reach the final goal together. This is a path that is done day by day, so that over time we educate the end customers of the companies we work for. And this path is the one we have to take advantage of and enjoy.

Through the services of RLM Audiovisual, companies like Grup Direct improve their corporate image and improve the way of communicating with their clients through the internet.

If you think that RLM can help improve the visibility of your company, business or trade, do not hesitate to contact us!