Our experience in all areas of communication and in the audiovisual industry allows us to have a global and realistic view of our own needs and of our client’s needs. We are versatile – diversity doesn’t take away competitivity or quality. We are happy with giving both economically viable and quality solutions. The best compensation for our services is the good relationship with our clients.

Among all areas of audiovisual communication, we’re most efficient in:

Marketing and Advertising

We are committed to the SME. If you are a new company or simply wish to improve your image, we can help. Creation of corporate videos, services and products. We create content for your social media, website and even for television. Together, we will improve your sales.

With us, the digital world is at your fingertips. The internet moves fast and we don’t want your company to stay behind. We help you communicate through your blog or social media: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter… We want to improve your brand image, you website with quality multimedia content and lead the trends. Tell us your idea and we’ll make it true. And if you don’t have an idea… we give you advice to create a marketing plan with a viable and economical strategy.

We are specialists in covering sports events but also corporate and socio-cultural events. We provide advice and logistics. Due to an optimal audiovisual coverage and to our contacts in the industry, we give an excellent diffusion to our projects in all kinds of media. Our trajectory in the world of communication allows us to get unbeatable results in the diffusion of your event. Optimization and rentability of the effort on the organizer’s part. Branded Content to make the viewer happy and comfortable. Research on the client’s target. Do you need to make an impact on your events? Call us and we’ll start working on it.

Covering Events

Reportages and documentaries

We’re coming with you on a journey to get your story to be seen. We tackle social, cultural and sports themes, anywhere in the world. We didn’t set any limits and we’re open to new projects with you. We want you to enjoy the experience with us. We are also interested in culture and that is why we made documentaries for television such as Els Cossiers d’Alaró and Cabrit I Bassa, to show the traditions and social aspects of our beloved land. Without a doubt, the documentary form allows us to narrate and illustrate many stories with detail. We direct pieces for television to inform about anything, upon request. You can count on us to tell your story to the world.

We’re always up to date with new technologies. We were pioneers in broadcasting drone images on the Balearic regional channel. We provide services to professionals of the audiovisual industry as well as to companies and individual people. We associate and collaborate with leader drone and multirotor companies. This allows us to offer spectacular images to our clients, with flexibility and at an economical rate. All our documents are in order to use the drones and we know the actual laws to successfully and safely work on any project.

In spaces where flying drones isn’t allowed, we use the cablecam technology to get similarly spectacular results. Videos and photos form unique points of view. Do you need to fly? Let’s fly together.


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