Viral Videos


YouTube and its influence on users. Nowadays, anyone with a bit of technology skills and with a very good idea can create a viral video. For years, the YouTube platform wanted to financially reward that success in reproductions to users with their own YouTube channel. This aspect generated a new way of transmitting and disseminating information. YouTubers are already established in our lives and their jargon and style of accomplishment too. Like, subscribe below, click on the bell to be informed. This became a common thing when we watch a video a YouTuber’s channel. The formula is simple, YouTube advertises the videos that users create and the users receive a percentage according to the number of views. As video producers, we’ve been able to experiment with this phenomenon. Together with Chicho Lorenzo, we created a video with the sole goal that it would go viral, that it would get the maximum number of reproductions possible and, obviously, monetize the videos to find out how this YouTuber world works.

The first thing to do was to look for a topic that would be popular online. Chicho already had the idea, and we only had to transfer it to video. The two-year-old boy who already knows how to ride a motorcycle, the son of some friends, achieved in just a few weeks more than 4 million views. When writing these lines, the video has over 9 million views…

The truth is that the remuneration you receive is not nearly enough to retire, but when you exceed 5 million reproductions in a video, the amount is not bad. That is why YouTubers or those who are dedicated to the YouTube platform, have to beg users to view and like their videos. They need decent numbers to monetize their videos. Be that as it may, in the last few years, new business models emerged in communication and marketing, but like everything in life, only a few are able of obtaining good performance.